Inner Soulstice Wellness Yoga, Pilates and Body Movement Studio
4848 Colt St #1, Ventura, CA

Local Wellness Colleagues

  • Physical Therapy - Lisa West

    Lisa's physical therapy career has been focused on orthopedic injuries with special interest and attention to the spine and chronic pain.

  • Advanced Chiromassage Therapy - Kimberly Peters, D.C.

    Combining over 30 years of chiropractic with advanced therapeutic bodywork.

  • Active Spine & Sports Care

    Dr. Romeo Dimaano, D.C., Founder of Active Spine & Sports Care

  • Rana Haddadin, M.S. Human Nutrition, Ayurveda Practitioner, Yogi

    An Ayurvedic practitioner, chef, wellness specialist, and yoga teacher, Rana is enthusiastic about sharing how you can become your own catalyst for healing through diet and movement.

  • Christie Wolfe, LMT, Reiki Master

    Bringing pure joy and presence through drumming, Christie helps us explore shamanism, through the Peruvian Munay Ki and Medicine Wheel practices in a transformative and potently healing way.

  • Damian Nur Dass Gallagher

    Damian has found vibrational frequencies to have an amazing effect on the human body, mind and spirit. He personally invites you to join us to bask in a healing bath of sounds ranging from the Digeridoo to 432Hz crystal bowls.

  • Athena Lou, Business Development Coach

    Athena Lou is the founder and principal of two companies, TeamWorks-International, an organizational development and training corporation and AthenaDreams, a seminar and retreat development center.